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From Repossessions, Commercial Tenancy Matters and Process Serving. We Will Serve You!



  • Termination of Commercial Leases

  • Landlord Distresses and Seizure of Assets.

  • Appraisal and Auction Services

  • Vehicle Recovery Under Lease

  • Vehicle and Equipment Recovery Under PPSA Registration

  • Vehicle Recovery Under Repair and Storage Liens Act (RSLA)

  • Skip Tracing

  • Process Serving



At Revin Bailiffs, we specialize in recovering vehicles and equipment for our clients.


Whether a customer has defaulted in a lease or finance agreement or has failed to maintain proper insurance, let us discuss with you options to recover your registered collateral.


We also can assist individuals seeking to recover vehicles under certain circumstances. Click below to discover more!



Just one call and we do it all!

Our goal at Revin Bailiffs is to provide effective and professional services designed to assist you, whether you are an individual or a small, medium or large sized business.

We get results, and stand behind our work for you. Give us a call to discuss any matter you may need help or advice with. 416-749-7386

We ensure complete confidentiality at all times.



Revin Bailiffs has been assisting commercial landlords since the year 2000 by helping find solutions for problem tenants. You may be surprised at the different options available to you in dealing with a late-paying tenant, or one who is in default of other terms of their lease.


Give us a call today to discuss the specifics of your situation. Your confidential phone call will leave you educated and feeling confident that we can assist you in finding a solution that works for your business.


"I was surprised at the speed at which Revin Bailiffs was able to recover the vehicle I hired them to find. I had prevously hired two other bailiff companies who both had given up. Revin Bailiffs located and recovered the vehicle within 48 hours of hiring them. Would definately recommend them to anybody who needs their services."

Sandeep K., Brampton Ont

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