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Revin Bailiffs Provides Reposession Services To Suit Your Needs
Vehicle Finance Companies


Got the lenders blues? Customers not paying for their lease or finance? Too many promises missed or dishonored?


Call or email us! We will help immediately by picking up your asset. Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, anything with a serial number, we can recover for you now! Contact us for more details today! 416-749-7386

Vehicle Repair Facilities


Unpaid invoices? Cars taken off your lots. Vehicles abandoned on your premises? Let Revin Bailiffs help turn your problems into solutions.


Whether its reposessing a vehicle, registering liens, or securing ownerships so you can sell that abandoned vehicle sitting on your lot. Revin Bailiffs has a service that can help you. Give us a call so we can discuss your needs today. We'll be happy to stop by and visit you in person. Email today!

Equipment Recovery


At Revin Bailiffs, we don't just handle cars. We can also assist with leased equipment and vehicles. We have much experience in the seizure and sale of equipment, helping out leasing and finance companies since 2000.


Let us help you recover your equipment today! Call us 416-749-7386

“Revin Bailiffs has recovered a significant amount of vehicles and unpaid invoices for my business. I can truly say, they have personally helped to stay in business throughout the years. Don't give another Bailiff company a second thought. These are your go-to guys! Thank you so much.”

Anthony F, Repair Facility Owner, Vaughan, Ontario

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