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Commercial Tenancy Defaults, "Our Specialty"


Revin Bailiffs is a specialist in providing professional bailiff services to landlords and property managers when dealing with tenants in default. While there are several remedies available under Ontario's Commercial Tenancies Act, knowing which one to choose isn't always an obvious decision. Several factors may be involved including:


  • clauses present in or the type of lease with your tenant

  • when rent is due

  • how far in arrears a tenant may be

  • whether are not there are goods on location

  • whether provincial taxes are owed

  • reasons for a breach in a lease

  • whether or not you wish to keep the tenant

  • the demand for re-leasing a location

  • the existence of general security agreements with financial institutions

  • the presence of leased or consigned goods

  • numerous other factors.


Revin Bailiffs invites you to contact us today so we can help you with your particular situation. You'll be happy you did! Call 416-749-7386.

  • Tenant is visited by a Bailiff and presented with a Notice of Distress and a statement of account.
  • Assets are generally seized by the bailiff's office and may not be removed from the premises by the tenant.
  • If after 5 days the distress is not satisfied, a number of steps follow which may ultimately result in the sale of the assets to resolve the distress.
  • During the distress, the tenant must be allowed access to the premises and to continue to operate their business.
  • A termination effectively ends the lease with a tenant in default.
  • The locks are changed, denying the tenant access to the premises.
  • The Bailiff will post a notice of termination on the entrance to the premises informing the tenant of the action.
  • The landlord gives up any rights to the assets on site under this action.
  • The tenant is required to promptly clean out and remove all assets from the location.
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